October Festivities in Sassetta

In October there are many events and festivals in Sassetta (Livorno).  Sassetta is located in the magical natural scenery high up in the Cornia Valley centred in ancient intact woodlands. Dignity and pride, hunting and passion for nature and traditions, hospitality and love of good cuisine have always been part of the character of the Sassettan people. All this is mirrored in the character of the “October Festivals” that take place each year on the last 3 weekends in October. Having taken place for over 40 years, they are some of the oldest Folk Festivals and involve the villagers (divided between the 4 different districts) who all participate. They organise everything themselves: preparing and cooking food using old recipes based on chestnuts, wild mushrooms and wild boar; the historical procession; the Craftsman’s Market; the palio with donkeys; and anything else to do with the festival. This is an amazing achievement for a small community of only 500 inhabitants. All this effort is rewarded by the exceptional results and wonderful atmosphere on the day.

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